Erdni San

I love history and geography. I want to learn history  and gegraphy of other cities and countries.


     In New England`s history I`ve got interested in  Samuel Adams. He is one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. It is very intersting!!!  The mountain Washington of New Hamshire is the highest mountain in northeast United States. 


     The Mid Atlantic`s area siightly smaller than SpaIn! To my mind, the most famous states of Middle Atlantic are New York and Washington DC

     Giovanni da Verronazzo, the first European explore New York Harbor.It was In 1524. He was an Italian explorer in the servise if the French crown. The peoples from all over the world remembers worse day 11, September 2001 when the World Trade Center was destuction. The are 3000 peoples was died in this day. It is black day of American history.


     The Washington was in dangerous in the days of the Caribian Crisis because the rocket from rebellious Kuba would destroed it in 5 hours.The Washington was situated in half-way of settlements of New England to state Georgia. 


 The New Orlean was destroed by hurricane "Katrina" in 29of August 2005  

The Missipi is flouped in a territiry of Southern States. It is the biggest river in USA.


     The Great Lakes are one of the wounderful nature creaution and one of the sights of USA. They are situated on area of Midwest.

The are lot of Europeans want to settle in territory of the Midwest in the days of the American Revolution War.


     The Rocky Mountains are major  mountain range in West region of USA.It`s stretsh 4,800 kilometres.

The California Gold Rush were in 50s years of 19 centhury in USA. It`s was began when James W.Marshall was discovered gold at Sautter`s Mil, in Coloma, California.


Who one of the founding father of the United States?

Who was explore New York Harbor and mountain Washington?

Who went to the USSR in days of Caribian Crisis?

The name of which state is not simple like other?

When New Orlean was destroed by hurricane "Katrina"?

Which river is the biggest in USA?

How many states lake Michigan is shared?

Which sity situated near lake Michigan?

What is date of California Gold Rush?

What is stretch of Rocky Mountains?