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Vale Si

Page history last edited by Vale Si 14 years, 2 months ago

Week 1. New England


Do you love fiction as I do?

or My Impressions of New England


I have never been there, so I can write only about my 'virtual' travelling.

I have been reading a lot about geography, history and famous people.


Most of my impressions are connected with universities, history and literature.

What if we follow the life of one of the most famous American writers?!

If you want to learn a bit about writers, then play



I have always been fond of Edgar Allan Poe's  short stories. Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

My most favourite short story is The Oval Portrait.

Do you have any questions?


Week 2. The Middle Atlantic


Are there any mysteries nowadays?

or My Impressions of The Middle Atlantic


My 'virtual' travelling is going on.


Edgar Allan Poe died in 1849 in Baltimore, Maryland.

I have never known anything about the mystery visitor to Poe's grave. I've read the article recently.

Do you want to learn more?

"Every year for the past six decades, a shadowy visitor would leave roses and a half-empty bottle of cognac on Poe's grave on the anniversary of the writer's birth. "


Would you like to listen to some exciting facts of Poe's life from his birth?

I found a magnificent interactive timeline.



Week 3. The South


Have you ever decoded a secret message?

Or My Impressions of the South


I 've never known that Edgar Allan Poe served in the army. Poe's regiment was posted to Fort Moultrie in Charleston, South Carolina.

When I was a teen girl, I often re-read Poe's  short story "The Gold-Bug" set on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina.

Would you like to play a quiz on Poe's short stories?


Week 4. The Midwest


How many private detectives do you know?

Or My Impressions of the Midwest


I've known before that Edgar Allan Poe launched [=started] the American detective story with his famous short stories. I've read a lot of USA detective novels, but I've never known that there is a girl amateur [=not professional] detective Nancy Drew! According to the books, she lives in the fictional [=invented, not existing in real life] Midwestern town of River Heights.

Do you want to watch some of her adventures? This is Part 1 of The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries TV show. Would you like to become a sleuth[=detective]? Watch carefully and then answer my questions!



Week 5. The West


Is it the most famous part of the USA?

Or My Impressions of the West


I've never expected that Nancy Drew has been so popular! I liked the first line in this article: "Ask a healthy sampling of American women under 100 about Nancy Drew and chances are they will remember three things..." By the way, there is a 2007 film set in Los Angeles.


Week 6


My Itinerary

My Google Maps


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Valera T said

at 5:09 pm on Mar 23, 2010

Now I've learned names of six more writers, besides King.

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