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Aisa :D

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National parks

     New England: Acadia National Park.

Acadia National Park is only national park in all New England. It is situated on Atlantic coast of Maine. There are 40 descriptions of mammals. More than two million tourist visits Acadia Nationale Park per year,it brings up the rear of ten the most visitting national parks of USA.


1)Have you ever been to Acadia National Park?

2)What is the name of the nearest town?

3)Do you know the history of creation of this park?

4)Were there any disasters in the territory of Acadia Park?

5)Are there any place to stop near Acadia Park?

Acadia national park jordan pond


Yellowstone National Park(West)



Grand Canyon National Park(West)



Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve(West)



Death Valley National Park(West)



Olympic National Park(West)



Great Smoky Mountains National Park(South)



Play my quiz USAparks.htm


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Vale Si said

at 10:18 am on Feb 18, 2010

I read about several activities in Akadia Park. i'd like you to make up 10 questions about these activities, for example,
1. Have you ever watched wildlife?

Then we'll ask some of our dear native speakers to answer these questions!

Vale Si said

at 9:08 pm on Feb 21, 2010

I've just taken a quiz on national parks:


Would you like to try it?

Vale Si said

at 6:01 pm on Mar 21, 2010

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Vale Si said

at 10:02 pm on Mar 31, 2010

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