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Week 3

Page history last edited by Vale Si 13 years, 3 months ago

This week we'll be travelling around the South.

House, Houston, Texas


Explore the links and play my quiz below:  The South from Wikipedia

Discover the Southern Way

Introducing the South

Unsettled South


Black-footed ferrets from Arizona


 Answer the third Big Question What is the Southern Way?

Comments (7)

Svetlana Obenausova said

at 9:05 pm on Feb 14, 2010

I am just experimenting with adding a comment. I have finally figured out only people who log in can comment on things. Your wiki is very nice! Svetlana

erdni.san said

at 4:23 pm on Feb 25, 2010

I`ve completed the quiz about the South. I like the questions about the date of the Civil War and about changes.

Dina said

at 4:30 pm on Feb 25, 2010

I like this game))
I like the question about climate.

albina4 said

at 4:33 pm on Feb 25, 2010

It is so interesting! We knew a lot of things about South America!

Badma said

at 5:19 pm on Feb 25, 2010

The questions are difficult.

Dayana said

at 5:19 pm on Feb 25, 2010

It is very interesting!
Now I know more about the South!

Valera T said

at 5:19 pm on Feb 25, 2010

I like this game!! I found all answers

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